Coffee Shop Music

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This kind of music calms me down and helps me think. Especially during this week where I won’t get another break until next Tuesday (I hope). Although Friday, Saturday, and Sunday would be comic con, it’s still a job, albeit a fun one.

I should probably try to get as much sleep as I can tonight; it’s going to be a long  week ahead.








A delayed first post…

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Debated for so long if having a blog would be good, especially when I already have a Tumblr  (mostly fandom stuff. ALL THE FEELS) and a Wattpad account (original works and fanfics), but I realised that I didn’t exactly have a space where I can just blab about nonsense in my life.

So we find ourselves here. Hi!

Change is coming and it’s all happening too fast around me. My dear BFF said that it is to make up for the time that my life was stagnant and uneventful. Maybe she’s right, though it doesn’t make it any less terrifying. I can’t exactly write about said change, purely because I don’t have any words for the onslaught of emotions I feel. Plus, we don’t want to jinx it. I’m a bit rusty with this blogging business, so whoever is reading this, I apologise for the boring syntax formations and content.

For now, I think I’m just going to continue listening to music and maybe put a dent on my reading list. MCM London is in two weeks so I better get things sorted out. Looking at the amazing list of people who are going to be there, I won’t have enough time to fangirl or eat. But it’s all worth it, I swear!

Have an amazing and blessed Sunday everyone.

Keep smiling.