Just keep swimming 

Maybe I was wrong when I said that I might not get most of the freshmen, the thing is, I actually do. Although I still am the batch “Ate” and I am fine with that. 

The past few weeks have been a mash-up of tears, laughter, craziness, and not getting enough sleep as always. I learned that failing Math or Spanish won’t be the worst thing ever, as long as I do my best to study harder next time. It won’t be easy as my brain seems to still think that its on gap year mode. Countless nights of crying led me to the realisation that this journey would be tougher than what I how thought it would originally be.

 It’s difficult but not impossible. 

I also decided to join an org, maybe this will make the transition a bit easier on me. I just have to get through the activities and other things. 

Perhaps this lone wolf has finally found a pack to join. 

Keep on smiling