On insecurities and waking up every morning. 

Perhaps it has always been there, the nagging feeling of not being enough. Of not being beautiful or intelligent enough.  

Perhaps it started with a simple comment, about how this other girl looks prettier or slimmer. My young mind may not be able to comprehend then, but its clear that it was telling me I wasn’t even good enough. It became a cycle-even in school I compare myself to my friends who always seem to be smarter than I was. 

Every waking moment felt like that; I needed to do more so that I would be enough. 

Even now that I am close to my 21st birthday, I still feel like that. For the longest time I thought that the feeling had died already. But it would not go away, only stronger. There are so many things I feel insecure about and society is not even helping-it just adds to the sinking feeling in my stomach every time that I look in the mirror or look at my news feed. 

So maybe the scars would never go away. The pain lingers as days pass and it leaves a mark in my heart. 
Guess you just learn how to live with the pain. 


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