You came into my life so suddenly. Well, as suddenly as one could in this era of online dating. Frankly I wasn’t expecting anything during the summer-just time to rest and get the much needed recharge time. You are that one thing that was supposed to be fleeting ,yet something I didn’t realise would stay even after the long summer days have past. I am glad that you stayed. 

It was also you that mde it difficult to leave; I realised that it was already hard to say goodbye because I was going to miss friends and family. Add you into the mix and its even harder. 

Telling myself not to expect a lot was a lot of work. I am not the kind of persom who would easily just accept things. I overthink them first and then have a breakdown. Our relationship for the most part is left undefined, so I know I shouldn’t over step boundaries and just let you be. Time, distance, and perhaps pride are the things that are making it more difficult.  

Texts and calls are well and good, though what keeps on replaying in my mind was the day we met up. Somehow after countless failed attempts it happened. Despite only having a couple of hours to spare, it was enough. But now I want more. I want you more. 

I want to know more about you but how do I do it? When we seem to be wrapped our own things and being busy is the norm. When being in different time zones don’t help and when distance is also a bitch. All I pray is that even if its just a moment, you still think about me. 
I don’t think I’ll be able to take it if you don’t.